Literary activity

Alexandre Rodichevski has recently started writing non-scientific articles, fiction and poetry in Italian language.

He has co-authored a collection of Italian poetry with his wife, Gloria Chiappani, and with his mother-in-law Celeste Chiappani Loda.

Celeste Chiappani Loda elaborated some ideas of his and published Dall'altra parte (favole e fiabe forse solo per adulti), a book of stories.

He has produced a short mathematical study published in 2005 as an appendix of A Vera che ha, short poem by Gloria Chiappani. The book was presented in Turin (Salone del libro) and in Milan ("Odradek" Bookshop) in the month of May of the same year.

He is also the graphic designer of the collection of poetry Cronografie and of the compact disc of music and poetry Vergini sono i semi del vento.

Various sites and magazines took an interest in his literary activity and in most of them you can find his poems.

Alexandre Rodichevski, Gloria Chiappani and Celeste Chiappani Loda have been labelled "a sui generis family": you can read about that by clicking here.